Les Halles

Les Halles explores the broad spectrum of experimental music with a certain appetite for new age and lo-fi currents. His ambient music, imbued with lightness and bucolism, transports us into idyllic and harmonious environments conducive to a certain introspection. In the spring of 2018, California label Not Not Fun released his new LP titled “Zephyr”. Les Halles previously produced LPs composed of largely rich organ based composition, and in a departure, his newest LP is made entirely from samples of organic instruments.

“Anonymous exotica collagist(s) Les Halles craft patchworks of flutes, pan-pipes, streams and harps, turning the clichéd tape-tones of 80’s new age chill into something more warped and weird, yet possessed of a delicious narcotising power.” – Mojo

“Rather than the common temporal manipulation of reversing or speeding things up, Martin has created a strangely lateral sonic landscape where the sound appears to move sideways; it washes right through you and synth textures slowly rise, before falling serenely together in his own minimalist style.” – Electronic Sound