Peter Rehberg

Peter Rehberg (aka Pita) is a composer, and runs the Editions Mego label. He has released seminal works by Christian Fennesz, Florian Hecker, Russell Haswell, Merzbow, Jim O’Rourke, Kevin Drumm, Oneohtrix Point Never, Klara Lewis, Phurpa, Emeralds and dozens of others. Mego sublabels Spectrum Spools and Ideologic Organ have released some of the most exciting emerging electronica in recent years, and Recollection GRM has reissued a string of the most important foundation works of electro-acoustic music. As a composer, his name has become synonymous with the most adventurous digital noise and experimental computer music, and he has collaborated with Fennesz, Stephen O’Malley, Jim O’Rourke and many other influential figures.